Ubah Kaliat Ini Menjadi Kalimat Pasif+ubdah Bahasanya Ke Prancis Ini Kalimatnya: Saya Sedang Pergi Ke Kos-kosan Bersama Pacar ​

ubah kaliat ini menjadi kalimat pasif+ubdah bahasanya ke prancis ini kalimatnya: Saya sedang pergi ke kos-kosan bersama pacar ​

Jawaban:Saya kemarin pergi sama pacar ke kos kosan

apa perbedaan kontrakan dengan kos kosan?

kontrakan :nyewa tempat di rumah orang
kos kosan:bukan di rumah orang

tolong kakak bikinkan deskripsi singkat kehidupan kos-kosan dalam bahasa inggris ?please

living in a boarding house is difficult for some people because the cost of boarding is expensive, so the average price of one boarding house is around 2 million per month so some people prefer to live near campus because some who live in boarding houses are students, right? like my brother he had to stay overnight at a fairly expensive price …yes even though boarding prices are expensive but teaches us to be independent, that’s the picture of life in a boarding housemaaf kl salah:’)

Bagaimana pola hidup sehat bagi anak kos kosan

makan teratur
tidur teratur
mandi teratur

tolong kakak bikinkan deskripsi singkat tentang kos-kosan dalam bahasa inggris ?please

I am a student, i stay in the boarding house. The boarding house provides many rooms and every rooms completed with tv, air conditioner, and rest room inside.

I really like my boarding house, it has large room and comfortable bed alike my bed at my home. Besides, i also have many new friends here for sharing with.

My boarding house is saved with high security, there is a guard and CCTV in everyroom.

askmeenglish (tanya gue Inggris!)

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