Tuliskan Contoh Undangan Tentang Mengundang Les Bahasa Inggris Dengan Menggunkan Bahasa Inggris

Tuliskan Contoh Undangan Tentang Mengundang Les Bahasa Inggris Dengan Menggunkan Bahasa Inggris

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Buatlah undang undang dasar 1945 dalam bahasa Inggris

Jawaban:1945 CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIAPREAMBLEWhereas independence is a genuine right of all nations and any form of alien occupation should thus be erased from the earth as not in conformity with humanity and justice,Whereas the struggle of the Indonesian independence movement has reached the blissful point of leading the Indonesian people safely and well before the monumental gate of an independent Indonesian State which shall be free, united, sovereign, just and prosperous,By the grace of God Almighty and urged by the lofty aspiration to exist as a free nation,Now therefore, the people of Indonesia declare herewith their independence,Pursuant to which, in order to form a Government of the State of Indonesia that shall protect the whole people of Indonesia and the entire homeland of Indonesia, and in order to advance general prosperity, to develop the nation’s intellectual life, and to contribute to the implementation of a world order based on freedom, lasting peace and social justice, Indonesia’s National Independence shall be laid down in a Constitution of the State of Indonesia, which is to be established as the State of the Republic of Indonesia with sovereignty of the people and based on the belief in the One and Only God, on just and civilized humanity, on the unity of Indonesia and on democratic rule that is guided by the strength of wisdom resulting from deliberation / representation, so as to realize social justice for all the people of Indonesia

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Tuliskan undang undang dalam bahasa inggris​

1945 Constitution Preamble”That in fact independence is the right of all nations and therefore, colonialism over the world must be abolished because it is not in accordance with humanity and justice.””And the struggle for Indonesia’s independence movement has come to a happy moment, safely delivering the Indonesian people to the front gate of the independence of the Indonesian state, which is independent, united, sovereign, just and prosperous.””Thanks to the grace of Allah Almighty and driven by noble desires, so that a national life can be free, the Indonesian people hereby declare their independence.””Then, in order to form an Indonesian government that protects all Indonesian people and all Indonesian blood and to promote public welfare, educate the nation’s life, and participate in carrying out world order based on independence, eternal peace and social justice, Indonesian national independence is drawn up. in a Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, which is formed in the composition of the Republic of Indonesia which is sovereign of the people based on:Belief in the one and only God,just and civilized humanity,the unity of Indonesia, and people who are led by wisdom in consultation / representation,and by realizing a social justice for all Indonesian people. ”

Apa. arti. undangan-undangan nikahannya
kedalam bahasa Inggris
coba: dari contohnya. bahasa Inggris​

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istilah lain undang undang dasar dalam bahasa inggris?

Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia

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