Tolong Buatkan Dialog Asking Opinion Tentang Eating Fast Food (bahasa Inggris)..

tolong buatkan dialog asking opinion tentang eating fast food (bahasa inggris)..
sama bahasa indonesianya ya..

ana: hey, this hamburger is too delicious, how about your food?
berlin: yeah, its delicious, but i think this not healthy.
ana: but in this hamburger there are many vegetables like tomatoes and cucumber.
berlin: although so, there is a unknow recipe, we don’t know what it is
ana: ohh like this, thanks for your knowledge, i will keep my food now

Eating dalam bahasa indonesia adalah

Thank You
pilih gw jadi ter- brainly yah follow for follback

Eating artinya dalam bahasa indonesia

eat : makan

eating : memakan

semoga membantu

He is eating some Cookies…. apa bahasa Inggris nya​

Penjelasan:Dia sedang makan beberapa kueSemoga membantu

undangan tentang meeating bahasa inggris

hi everyone! i invite you for meet in my house

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