Terjemah Kan Lagu Indonesia Raya Ke Bahasa Inggris

terjemah kan lagu Indonesia Raya ke Bahasa Inggris

Indonesia, our native country,
Our birthplace,
Where we all arise to stand guard
Over this our Motherland:
Indonesia our nationality,
Our people and our country.
Come then, let us all exclaim
Indonesia united.
Long live our land,
Long live our state,
Our nation, our people, and all
Arise then, its spirit,
Arise, its bodies
For Great Indonesia.

Indonesia the Great, independent and free,
Our beloved country.
Indonesia the Great, independent and free,
Long live Indonesia the Great!

Indonesia, an eminent country,
Our wealthy country,
There we shall be forever.
Indonesia, the country of our ancestors,
A relic of all of us.
Let us pray
For Indonesia’s prosperity:
May her soil be fertile
And spirited her soul,
The nation and all the people.
Conscious be her heart
And her mind
For Indonesia the Great.

Indonesia, a sacred country,
Our victorious country:
There we stand
Guarding our true Mother.
Indonesia, a beaming Country,
A country we love with all our heart,
Let’s make a vow
That Indonesia be there forever.
Blessed be her people
And her sons,
All her islands, and her seas.
Fast be the country’s progress
And the progress of her youth
For Indonesia the Great.

tuliskan lagu indonesia raya dalam bahasa inggris​

Jawaban:Indonesia, my fatherlandLand spill my bloodThat’s where I standSo my mom’s GuideIndonesia, kebangsaankuThe nation and the homelandLet us cry out“Indonesia bersatu!”Walk in mine own country, there lived tanahkuMy people, my people, all of themWake up, wake up her soulFor Indonesia RayaIndonesia Raya, merdeka, merdeka!My, mine own country, which I loveIndonesia Raya, merdeka, merdeka!Long Live Indonesia RayaIndonesia Raya, merdeka, merdeka!My, mine own country, which I loveIndonesia Raya, merdeka, merdeka!Long Live Indonesia Raya

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Jawaban:Indonesia is my homeland, the land of my bloodshed, that’s where I stand, to guide my mother, Indonesia is my nationality, my nation and homeland, let us cry out, united Indonesia. Long live my land, long live my country, my people, my people, all of them, wake up their souls, build their bodies, for the Greater Indonesia.. maaf kalo slh

Terjemahkan kedalam bahasa inggris. Siapa yang menciptakan lagu indonesia raya ​

Jawaban:Who created Indonesia Raya Song?

menyanyikan Indonesia raya dengan bahasa inggris

Indonesia Our Native Land
Our The Land Spilled Blood
Where We All Arise To Stand Guard
Over This Our Motherland
Indonesia Our Nationality
Our nation And Our Country.
Come Then Let Us All Exclaim
Indonesia United
Long Live Our Land
Long Live Our State
Our Nation, Our People, And All
Arise Then, Its Spirit
Arise Its Bodies
For Great Indonesia.

Indonesia The Great, Independent And Free
Our Beloved Country.
Indonesia The Great, Independent And Free
Long Live Indonesia The Great

Indonesia An Eminent Country
Our Wealthy Country
There We Shall Be Forever
Indonesia The Country Of Our Ancestors
A Relic Of All Of Us.
Let Us Pray
For Indonesia’s Prosperity
May Her Soil Be Fertile
And Spirited Her Soul
The Nation And All The People
Conscious Be Her Heart
And Her Mind
For Indonesia The Great

Indonesia A Sacred Country
Our Victorious Country
There We Stand
Guarding Our True Mother
Indonesia A Beaming Country
A Country We Love With All Our Heart
Let’s Make A Vow
That Indonesia Be There Forever
Blessed Be Her People
And Her Sons
All Her Islands, And Her Seas
Fast Be The Country’s Progress
And The Progress Of Her Youth
For Indonesia The Great

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