Susunlah Kata Kata Ini… Fruits – One – Pomegranate – Of – The – Is​

susunlah kata kata ini… fruits – one – pomegranate – of – the – is​

Jawaban:pomegranate is one of the fruitsmaaf kalau salah…

artikan. are you like it pomegranate​

are you like it pomegranateArtinya: apakah kamu suka buah delima ?

fruits – one – pomegranate – ot – the – is​

Jawaban:The fruits one is ot pomegranate

artikan. are you like it pomegranate​

Soal / Pertanyaan ;Are You Like it pomegranate artinya …Jawab ;apakah kamu suka delima?


Pomegranate is a fruit with a rounded shape and reddish skin. It is 5-12 cm in diametre, between the size of a lemon and a grapefruit. Pomegranate trees are quite small, around 6 to 10 metres high. The leaves are glossy and narrow. Many specimens of pomegranate are extremely long-lived and can survive up to 200 years.

Although it is originated in the Himalayas and Egypt, nowadays, pomegranate is planted all over the world. It is also mentioned in many ancient texts and traditions. Ancient Greeks regarded pomegranate as the fruit of the dead, while in Egypt, it was a symbol of prosperity and ambition.

Every part of a pomegranate fruit contains a lot of properties and benefits. The edible seeds are excellent sources of dietary fiber. They provide 12% of the daily value for vitamin C and 16% for vitamin K. Pomegranates also carry ellagitannins and flavonoids, which are great antioxidants. Not only that, the fruit’s juice, seeds, and skin contain steroid hormones, including estrone.

Pomegranate can be consumed raw as intact seeds or used in several culinary techniques. The tasty fruit often acts as an ingredient in cooking, baking, smoothies, juice blends, and cocktails. Mexicans use pomegranate in the traditional dish chiles en nogada to represent the red of the Mexican flag.

Which of the following statements is TRUE based on the text?

A) Pomegranate leaves provide vitamin A and B.

B) Many specimens of pomegranate are short-lived.

C) Chiles en nogada is a dish from Mexico that uses pomegranate.

D) Ancient Egyptians referred to pomegranate as the “fruit of the dead” – Brainly #Backtoschool2019

Jawaban:c chiles en nogada is a dish from mexico that uses pomegranate

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