Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris Wh Question​

soal latihan bahasa Inggris wh question​

soal latihan bahasa Inggris wh question​ Jawaban:1. where2. who’s3. when4.who5.which6. how many7. how far8. how tall9. what10. who11. where12. how many13. whatsemoga membantu

Percakapan bahasa inggris yang menggunakan wh question

A : what your name?
B : My name is B and you???
A : My name is A,,where you addres??
B : My addres is jl.Hassanudin
sorry kalau salah ya

dialog singkat bahasa inggris tentang expressions dan question

A: I feel sadB: Why?A: Because they keep bullying me and some are jealous because im prettyB: Oh, if thats the case let’s meet them!
Semoga membantu:)

Dialog bahasa inggris question tag

A : The world is round, isn’t it?
B : yes, it is. Everybody knows that.
A : Elephants have trunks, don’t they?
B : Yes, they do.
A : Shakespeare didn’t write Faust, did he?
B : No, he didn’t. Marlowe did.
A : My girlfriend is pretty, isn’t she?
B : why are you asking me this?
A : Dogs can’t fly, can they?
B : arrgh!!
A : hehehe, sorry. I’m just practicing my question tags.

buatim question yang sesuai dalam bahasa inggris​

buatim question yang sesuai dalam bahasa inggris​ Jawaban:1.who are often come late to school?2.where the kids buy some food and drink?3.what is your mom favorite food?4.with who the boys playing hide and seek?5.why you take an umbrella?

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