Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Role Play

contoh diskripsi tentang B.J.HABIBIE dalam bentuk diskripsi bahasa inggris

genius , polite , friendly , and fun

contoh diskripsi tentang B.J.HABIBIE dalam bentuk diskripsi bahasa inggris

B.J. Habibie is a smart person in Indonesia . He is a former president and vice president in Indonesia . He He is very loving his wife . He is very friendly to everyone . he have hobby flying a toy plane (aeromodelling) various types. His favorite food is the cuisine of West Sumatra. he is very humble .

diskripsi tentang uang dalam bahasa inggris

Money adalah deskripsi dari uang

tolong bikinin naskah role play bahasa inggris untuk 2 orang

One day in Gombong International hospital there are patient was ask of the schedule of Dr. Agus to the Nurse in admission room…
P : Good morning,
N : Good morning sir, sit down please…!
P : Oke, thanks
N : What is your name sir,,,?
P : My name is Adi Prasetyo
N : How can I address u ?
P : Please call me Adi.
N : Oke Mr. Adi, What can I do for you ?
P : I will meet Dr. Agus. What time I can meet him?
N : Owh,,,,please wait of the moment, I will check his schedule.
Oke Mr Adi,,,Dr Agus are available on Monday and Wednesday.
P : What time are the schedule ?
N : In the morning at eight to twelve, in the afternoon at four to six o’clock.
P : Oke,, I wiil meet his on Monday about ten o’clock.
N : Oh yezz,,,,
P : Thank you for your information nurse,,
N : yes, your welcome.

In the next day on Sunday Mr. Adi come back to the Gombong International Hospital to meet Dr. Agus, but he confused find where the location of Dr. Agus room,,,,so he ask security in there to showing the Dr. Agus room.

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P.Adi : Pardon me sir,,,Is you security in here ?
Scrty : Yes,,,you right. What can I do for you sir ?
P.Adi : Like this sir,,I’am very confused in here because this hospital is very big .
I will meet Dr. Agus, Could you tell me where the location of Dr. Agus room ?
Scrt : Oke sir,,don’t confuse,,,,
You can go along this way until you find the reception, then you turn left until you find the laboratory,, and Dr. Agus room there are in beside left laboratory.
P.Adi : Oke,,,thank u sir,,,
Scry : Your welcome…

semoga membantu

diskripsikan idola kamu dengan bahasa inggris !

My idol is a park shin hye .He is an actress who came from korea .He is also a model and singer. her 25-year-old brother .He has a male. Her name is park shin woon

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