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report text bahasa inggris

tentang river

Amazon River is a river in South America is the
second longest river in the world – the Nile River
is the longest in Africa. The Amazon River has
the greatest total flow of any river, carrying
more than the Mississippi, Nile, and Yangtze
combined. Amazon also has a system peraliran
largest of all river systems. Although the
longest river Nile, but Amazon may be
considered “the strongest”.
The amount of fresh water being released into
the Atlantic Ocean is enormous: 184,000 m³
per second (6.5 million ft ³) in the rainy season.
Amazon flow is one-fifth of the total fresh
water entering the sea around the world. The
water in the sea near the river has a low salt
content up to hundreds of miles away.
The main river (typically has a width of one to
six miles) can be passed for large ocean
steamers to Manaus, nearly 800 miles up the
river from its mouth. Smaller ships weighing
3,000 tons [1] and 5.5 m (18 ft) draft [2] can
reach as far as Iquitos, 3,700 km (2,300 miles)
from the sea. Small riverboats can reach 780
km (486 miles) further up Achual Point. Passing
from there, only small boats can go up to
Pongo de Manseriche, above Achual Point.
This river takes water from the coordinates 5 °
N to 20 ° S latitude. The most distant sources
are found in the inter-Andean plateau, a short
distance to the Pacific Ocean, and after a
distance of 7200 km (4,800 miles) through the
interior of Peru and across Brazil, he enters the
Atlantic Ocean at the equator.

membuat 5 pertanyaan dalam bahasa inggris tentang The nile river

– what a beautyfull view at nile river ?
– what kind of fish or animals lives on there ?
– Do you think the nile river have a old secret ?
– did you think the nile river are the longest river in the world ?
– Did you think the nile river are full of habitat ?

membuat 5 pertanyaan dalam bahasa inggris tentang The nile river

1. where are the nile river?
2. how long is the nile river?
3. are the crocodille life in nile rifer?
4. are the nile river is the longess river in the world?
5. are the fish is life in nile river?

apa bahasa indonesianya the river bank ?

tepi sungai

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bahasa Indonesianya River​

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