Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Tentang Waiter,custumer,chef,cashir

percakapan bahasa inggris tentang waiter,custumer,chef,cashir

Percakapan bhs. inggris tentang waiter :

Waiter : Hello, boys. Are you ready to order?
Krisna : Of course. Can i have meatballs and orange juice, please?
Waiter : OK, meatballs and orange juice. And you?
Randy : Meatballs and ice tea for me, please.
Waiter : OK, two bowls of meatballs, one orange juice, and one iced tea. The food arrives in a couple of minutes.
Randy : Here is our food. Oh, where is the sauce?
Krisna : Yeah, I want it too. Excuse me, can we have the tomato sauce?
Waiter : OK. I’ll get the sauce for you.
Randy : Thank you so much.
Waiter : You’re welcome. Enjoy your food guys.

Maaf ya saya cuma bisa bantu percakapan waiter aja

artikan ke bahasa Indonesia

e.a woman waiter​

Jawab : Pelayan wanita Penjelasan:

contoh jelasin kerja waiter hotel pakai bahasa inggris​

Jawaban:help guests who come to the breakfast place,

tolong deskripsikan profesi ke dalam bahasa inggris

– Waiter
Description = To provide service to visitors

– Policeman
= To Guard and to maintain order and security of a region

– Verterinaian
= to maintain pet health

= to catch fish in the sea

– Artist
= To Showing His Talent At Stage Or else

– Actor
= To Showing His Act Talent To making A movie,drama,Or Story Theater

– Janitor
= to maintain school hygiene and safety

– librarian
= A. Procurement of library materials b. Processing and management of information resources c. Information utilization and popularization (printed, recording, and multi media) d. Assessment for library development, documentation, and information. e. Professional development

Semoga Membantu! 🙂

Tuliskan percakapan antara waiter dan customer dengan bahasa inggris

S: Good morning Sir. Anything I could do for you?

B: Good morning. Ya it’s allright.  I really need some stationery.

S: Okay Sir. You had come to the right place Sir.

B: Okay. I am looking for 2 reams of paper, a white board, a dozen of black and a dozen of blue gel ball point pens, two boxes of erasers, two dozen pencils, and 5 bottle of correction ink.

S: Okay Sir, Is there any additional things maybe?

B: I think that is all. Please make me a bill in the name of PT. Airlangga Metro.

S: If so, please wait Sir!! It will be ready for a seconds>

B: Ya it is my pleasure.

S: It is alright Sir. I have packed your order and you must pay RP. 270.000.

B: Yes here it is. Thank you!!!

S: You are welcome Sir.

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