Penulis Bahasa Inggris Yang Benar

Penulis bahasa inggris yang benar

Umar family atau Umar’s Family?

Penjelasan:umar s family kaksemoga bisa bantu.

deskribsi bahasa inggris tentang family

keluarga mungkin ya ?IP

#kak mau nanya.Kalau keluarga itu bahasa inggrisnya the family atau that family?

the family = keluarga
that family = keluarga itu


makalah bahasa inggris tentang family

My Lovely Family

For me, family is something that is very precious because nothing can replace the role of the family in this world. That’s a place where I could find a peaceful and everlasting affection. I really love my family. My family consists of four people they are my father, mother and sister. Although we are just a small family, our affection to each other is very large. I’m very proud of them. And now I’ll tell you about my family.
My father is a disciplined person. He always teaches me and my sister not to waste our time. My father is so different with other disciplined person. Even though he is so discipline, he remains friendly and understands our needs. My father is a lawyer who is quite famous for its decisiveness. He always decides a case fairly and impartially person or group. My father is almost always busy with his work but he never forgets his family. He always invites us to go to vacation every weekend. He thinks our happiness is his happiness too.My mom is just a housewife. Actually he used to be a teacher. However, my father asked her to stop and focus on taking care of the family. She is a woman who is very patient and diligent in taking care of the family. She always does her task with full of love. I think my mother is also the best chef. She always cooks delicious food for us. However, sometimes she is very fussy but I realizes that it was all for our own good.
My sister named Putri. She is a sister who is very spoiled. Sometimes she is annoying and often makes me angry. Even though, I am very fond of her. She is still Study at Senior High School grade 3rd. She has a dream to become a lawyer like my father. My father is very happy to know my sister’s dream. He always supports my sister to make it comes true.Semoga Membantu 🙂

saran bahasa inggris tentang introduction family​

JawabanFamily tree?Penjelasan:

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