Menceritakan Kegiatan Hari Minggu Dengan Bahasa Inggris

Menceritakan kegiatan hari minggu dengan bahasa inggris

at the sunday me and my family are going to a mall i very happy we going to the super market their are lots of furnituer my family buy fish,chiken iscubits,shampo and lots of stuf                                                                 maaf kalo salah                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

cerita kegiatan pada hari minggu menggunakan bahasa inggris

on the day of my week vacation with the family car , on my trip im tired once

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Menceritakan kegiatan hari minggu dengan bahasa inggris

at sunda morning i start my day with subuh prayer after thar i reed some surah from holly Qur’an and my brother infite to run some kilometers i very enjoy my life to day.In my house at 08.00 am  i helf my mother to clean up my house.How a beautiful day this is.After that i’m going to clean out my body.when i fell my body clean i go to my school for play basket ball when time zuhur begening, i go to masjid for pray 02.00 pm i do my projek until ashar prayer and reapei it after ashar until maghrib.ater maghrib prayer i back to my holly Qur’an until isya prayer.after that i’m studying until 10.00 pm and take my sleep on.

Ceritakan kegiatan rutin selama satu minggu dengan bahasa inggris

This is about my activity in 1 week.
Its same but maybe each time will be different because i have a course.
Every morning i woke up then i took a bath,after that i wore my clothes then tidy up my bed.I had my breakfast on quarter past six then i went to the school on half past six.I studied until 2.15 then i went home.On monday-thursday i will go to my course but on tuesday-wednesday-friday-saturday i will relax in my house.Then after my class in course i will go home at quarter to six then had my dinner.After dinner on seven o’clock i will start my study.On 21.00 i will go to my bed and sleep.On sunday it’s free,and i will have some holiday by going somewhere with my family.

buat cerita di hari minggu pake bahasa inggris

The story on sunday…

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