Leisure Activity Arti

leisure activity arti

leisure activity berarti : aktivitas di waktu luang

Contoh presentasi bhs inggris tentang leisure time dong ?

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Buatkan cerita tentang waktu luang(leisure time) yang terjadi di masa lampau dalam bahasa inggris(berkaitan dengan play sport)

Kelas: SMA
Pelajaran: English
Kategori: experience and narrative

Summer in 1994 was probably a regular holiday for other people, but not for me. It was the year when I knew football for the first time. Back then, we had not cellphone or computers yet. Everything was so much different than now. So, the most fun thing I could do was to play football almost every afternoon before maghrib after watching the world cup matches in the morning previously. Me and my friends at school were playing against each other in two teams or against kids from the other neighbourhood. That could end up in a strike if one team felt being treated unfair. We used to pretend that we were football stars in those years like Romario, Roberto Baggio, Bebeto, Hristo Stoichkov, Tomas Brolin or Paolo Maldini and Gabriel Batistuta. The latter was my favourite. If we got bored with football, we would just go cycling around, finding shortcuts or going on an uncharted streets in the morning at the weekends. We usually got back in the afternoon. Things were more so physical and technology-unattached in the past, which was good as we could experience something real.

apa bahasa indonesia nya your leisure teme

your leisure time : di waktu luangmu

arti leisure activity

Leisure Activity artinya Aktivitas yang menyenangkan, dilakukan pada waktu senggang

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