Kegunaan Dari Head,forehead,eyebrow,belly,jaw,mouth,neck,chest,back,elbow,hip,walst Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Kegunaan dari head,forehead,eyebrow,belly,jaw,mouth,neck,chest,back,elbow,hip,walst dalam bahasa inggris

Head = To think
Forehead = For structure
Eyebrow = To prevent sweat, water and dust from going inside the eye
Belly = To digest the food
Jaw = To bite
Mouth = To talk, to eat, to drink
Neck = For structure and to pass the food to the belly
Chest = Muscle control
Back = For structure
Elbow = To move our hands
Hip = to move our legs
Waist = Connect the ribcage and hips.

jadikan jawaban terbaik yahh ^_^

Terjemahan kan bahasa Indonesia (she-scarf-wears-her- around-neck)​

Jawaban:she-scarf-wears-her- around-neckPenjelasan:she wears her scarf around neckdia mengenakan syal di lehernya

Terjemah kedalam bahasa indonesia l wear tie on my neck

Jawaban: saya memakai dasi di leher sayaPenjelasan:I = sayaWear = memakaiTie = dasiOn = diMy = sayaNeck=leher

bahasa Indonesia nya neck

bahasa indonesianya adalah leher

bahasa indonesia neck

Bahasa Indonesia dari kata “neck” yaitu: Leher.

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