Kata FIsik Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Kata fIsik dalam bahasa inggris


Bahasa Inggris ibu kota=
Bahasa Inggris Penduduk=
Bahasa Inggris Fisik​=

Terjemahan Bhs.Indonesia Ke Bhs.Inggris:Ibu Kota=Capital CityPenduduk=PopulationFisik=PhysicalTolong jadikan jawaban tercerdas ya buat naikin pangkat ku……karna aku sudah bantu kamu dengan menjawab pertanyaan…… sekarang bantu aku dengan jadikan jawaban tercerdas ya buat naikin pangkat ku*

ciri fisik taman dalam bahasa Inggris

Parts of plants that can actually show differences (differentiation) are called cormus which are the main parts of plants, consisting of three parts, namely:

Root (radix).

stem (caulis).

Leaves (folium).

Other organs can be classified as secondary organs because they are formed from modification of the main part or a combination of key parts, namely:

bud (gemma), modification of the stem and leaves.

Flowers (flos), modifications of the stem and leaves.

Spines (spines), modifications of branches and leaves.

Constipation devices (cirrhus), can be in the form of leaves or branches modification.

Tuber (tuber), modification of the stem.

Rhizome (rhizome), modification of the stem and its leaves.

Bulbs (bulb), modification of the stem and leaves.

In addition to certain plant organs can be found other tools that are usually smaller or finer, called additional tools or complementary tools (organa accessoria), for example:

Hair or fur (pilus)

Scales (lepis)

Lentisel (lenticulus)

Mendeskripsikan Ciri fisik dan non fisik kucing dalam bahasa Inggris

Fisik = Cat have smooth fur, four legs, two eyes, and tail. Cat also have mustaches
Nonfisik = Cats are smart animal, spoil, and tame

ciri-ciri fisik singa ( dalam bahasa inggris)
Ciri-ciri fisik gajah ( dalam bahasa inggris)
Ciri-Ciri fisik kucing ( dalam bahasa inggris )

masing2 15/10 ciri-ciri fisik

-Wild animal
-Have an ake
-Have a good fury
-Have a two eyes
-have a 4 leg

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