Jawa Tengah Bahasa Inggrisnya​

jawa tengah bahasa inggrisnya​

Jawaban:Central JavaPenjelasan:maaf kalo salah

bahasa inggrisnya sesudah pulang dari jawa tengah

after home of central java

maaf kalo salah

bahasa inggrisnya jawa tengah

east java semoga membantu

legenda yang ada di jawa tengah dalam bahasa inggris​

Jawaban:Story: Jaka TarubOne day, a boy named Jaka tarub went to the forest, he heard a noise from a river near the forest. So, he came closer to the river and searched for them. He saw seven girls were taking bath in the river. After the girls were finished, they took their shawl and flew to the sky through a rainbow. Amazingly, they were not human but they were fairies.On the next day, Jaka Tarub went back to the river. He had an idea. When the fairies were taking bath in the river. He stole one of their shawl. So, after the fairies were finished, one of them whose name was Nawang Wulan could not find her shawl. Her friends had to go back to the heaven. So, they left her in the river. Nawang Wulan cried. And then Jaka Tarub approached her and invited her to stay at his house. Not long after that, they got married and had a baby girl.As a fairy, Nawang Wulan had a spiritual power. Everytime she cooked a rice, she just needed a small portion of rice and when it had done, the pot will be full of rice. But, the pot musn’t be opened before it had done.One day, Jaka Tarub was really curious. He opened the pot before it had done. Consequently, Nawang Wulan’s spiritual power disappeared. She had to cook as an ordinary human being. She needed more rice than usual. The stock of rice in the silo diminished rapidly. Then one day, when she took rice in the silo, she found her shawl. It hidden by Jaka Tarub.Finally, as a fairy, she had to come back to the heaven. Nawang Wulan asked Jaka Tarub to take care her daughter and build a tower. Every full moon, she will came to the tower to meet her daughter. Then, Nawang Wulan went back to the heaven and Jaka Tarub was very sad.

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