Indonesia Had Large Variety Of….and….

Indonesia had large variety of….and….

maybe animals and plant
sorry if I am wrong

Apa akronim dari “var” yang merujuk pada kebanyakan bahasa pemrograman?

A. Variation

B. Various

C. Variety

D. Variable

jawabannya d. variable

bahasa indonesia variety

macam , keanekaragaman , keanekawarnaan
maap klo slh

buatlah kalimat bahasa inggris dengan menggunakan kata :

1. Values

2. Evaluate

3. Valuable

4. Variety

5. Vary

6. Various

7. Variously

Let me give you some examples…
1. Those are very inspirational values.
2. We need to evaluate this as soon as possible.
3. Her purse is a valuable one.
4. There are many variety of sharks.
5. The properties vary in price.
6. Drinks of various colors.
7. His early successes can be variously accounted for.

Indonesia had large variety of….and….

flora & fauna
semoga helpful yaa :))

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