Deskripsikan Zebra Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Deskripsikan zebra dalam bahasa inggris

Zebra has two colour there are black and white, zebra seems like horse, but it small than horse.

Deskripsikan zebra dalam bahasa Inggris kasih bahasa Indonesia juga yaa


Zebra is a horse whose body is striped in black and white or dark brown white, found in Africa.

Zebra adalah kuda yg badannya bergaris-garis hitam putih atau cokelat tua putih, terdapat di Afrika.

mendeskripkan zebra dengan bahasa Inggris !

Zebras are four-legged herbivorous mammal who belong to the Equidae Family (horse family). They have a distinctive black and white stripes skin pattern that became their identity within the Equidae family. There are three species of them in the world, they are: the plains zebra, the mountain zebra and the grevy’s zebra. They are originated from Africa.The appearance of a zebra is similar to a horse, the difference is their skin patterns. The black and white stripes on their skin help them to protect themselves from the predator. It allows them to disrupt the focus of the predator when they are moving in a group. The stripes may look the same for human’s eye, but it is actually unique just like human fingerprint and it is different from one zebra to the other.

apa bahasa inggrisnya saya makan zebra

arti bahasa inggrisnya adalah I eat zebra

bahasa inggris zebra apa?

Jawaban:Zebra Penjelasan:Zebra dalam bahasa Inggris artinya adalah kuda zebra / kuda belang / kuda loreng.semoga menjawab like ny tolong dan jawaban terbaik ya, semangat!!!

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