Deskripsi Makanan Produk Indonesia Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Deskripsi makanan produk indonesia dalam bahasa inggris

rendang or randang is food from Indonesia that has been recognized by the world. Rendang is a spicy meat dish that uses a mixture of various spices and herbs. This dish is produced from a cooking process that is heated repeatedly with coconut milk. The cooking process takes hours to dry and is pitch black. from this process is made a flavor that is very popular with the community to be recognized by the world.

apa makanan kura kura (bahasa indonesia+bahasa inggris)

indonesia = peletinggris = pellet

tuliskan makanan dalam bahasa Inggris dan diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia sebanyak mungkin

chicken satay : sate ayam, fried rice : nasi goreng, roasted chicken : ayam bakar, bread : roti, sausage : sosis, sandwich : roti lapis

10 nama makanan dari bahasa bahasa indonesia ke bahasa inggris indonesia ke bahasa inggris ke bahasa inggris

Jawaban:Bakso > MeatballsNasi goreng > Fried riceMie > Noodles Ayam goreng > ChickenSop > SoupKentang goreng >FriesTelur > EggSosis > SausagesRoti > BreadAyam Geprek > Chicken Smackdown

bahasa inggrisnya “kapan kamu datang ke indonesia, saya ingin mentraktirmu makan

when you come to Indonesia?
I wanna buy you food.

maaf salah:))

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