Deskripsi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Zoo

deskripsi bahasa inggris tentang zoo

last week, I and my family going to zoo. this zoo is big . I can see any animals. I watched tiger,lion, pigeon and many,many animals.

Kegiatan yg ad di zoo serta bahasa inggris

in the Zoo there animals are put into a cage, we can only see the animals that roam from outside the cage, even then we should never be too close to the fence and must continue to walk with the group and should never separate themselves if you don’t want to get lost.
Safari 2 Park is intended to protect wild animals or animals that are almost extinct because of irresponsible human behavior. We as young people should protect these animals instead of destroying and disturbing their habitat so that our children and grandchildren can see them in the future.
Each animal is placed in a different area and is limited by a wall, and a very strong iron fence, so visitors feel safe and each cage has its own guard to avoid things that are not desirable.
The air there was very hot where it was so vast that I felt long and long around the Zoo

Smoga membantu

dalam bahasa inggris aku adalah zoo

kebun binatang………

Tolong describe tentang zoo(dalam bahasa inggris) dong:)

Zoo is a place where you can see many animals

Soal bahasa inggris tentang zoo?

1.What are you doing at the time at the zoo ?
2.what are the animals in the zoo ?

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