Deskripsi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Artis Idola “Charly Van Houtten” ?

Deskripsi bahasa inggris tentang artis idola “Charly Van Houtten” ?

Muhammad Charly van Houten otherwise known as Charly Setia Band ( born in Cirebon , Indonesia , November 5, 1982; age 32 ) is an Indonesian singer and composer who is also the former lead singer of the musical group ST 12. From his father’s side , he has the blood Netherlands derived from his grandfather in the period before independence .

In 2004 , together Pepep , Pepeng , and Faith he co-founded the music group called ST 12. This group had debuted for 7 years before finally whack their internal conflicts that result in splits .

Once out of the Management ST 12 , in September 2011 together Charly Pepeng and former ST 12 form a band Faithful one member is a woman named Alsa as drummer

Deskripsi robin van persie dalam bahasa inggris

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Deskripsi robin van persie dalam bahasa inggris

deskripsi tentang benteng van der wicjk dalam bahasa inggris

Van Der Wijck Castle is a Dutch Indies fortress built in the 18th century. The fort is located 4 km north of Gombong, about 35 km west of the capital of Kebumen district, Central Java, 18 km West of Karanganyar Town, or 100 km from Borobudur Temple , Magelang.

The name of the castle was taken from Van Der Wijck, which was probably the name of the commander at the time. The name of this castle is plastered on the door to the right.

The fortress is sometimes associated with the name of Frans David Cochius (1787-1876), a general who served in the western region of Bagelen whose name is also perpetuated as the name of Fortress Generaal Cochius. This fort is the only eight square rectangle in Indonesia.

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