Contoh Diskripsi Guru Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris Dan Artinya

contoh diskripsi guru menggunakan bahasa inggris dan artinya
tolong ya kaaak aq butuh banget *-*​

Teachers create lesson plans and teach those plans to the entire class, individually to students or in small groups, track student progress and present the information to parents, create tests, create and reinforce classroom rules, work with school administration prepare students for standardized tests

contoh diskripsi tentang B.J.HABIBIE dalam bentuk diskripsi bahasa inggris

B.J. Habibie is a smart person in Indonesia . He is a former president and vice president in Indonesia . He He is very loving his wife . He is very friendly to everyone . he have hobby flying a toy plane (aeromodelling) various types. His favorite food is the cuisine of West Sumatra. he is very humble .

contoh diskripsi tentang B.J.HABIBIE dalam bentuk diskripsi bahasa inggris

genius , polite , friendly , and fun

contoh teks diskripsi bahasa inggris tentang guru

My favorite teacher  ^_^ 
I have a favorite teacher in my school. His name is Mr. angga. He is my English teacher. He is still young. His age is approximately 35 years. However, He is the strict and discipline person. Though his face is quite creepy, his heart is very good. He has short hair that always looks neat. He’s always wearing glasses to cover his wide eyes. He also has long mustache and beard fairly dense. All female students in my school really like him. According to them, He is cool and macho man with a pointy nose and white skin.

He is very good to his students. He always gives logic advice or opinions when we need his help. He has made all his students loved learning English language because he is very smart to create quiet and comfortable atmosphere in classroom. He always has the latest ideas in teaching. I think he is a very creative and innovative teacher. His warm personality made him the most favorite teacher. He is good in making friend and talking in front of the crowd. Every person who is close to him will feel comfortable because of his personality.

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During he teaches us. He is never late or do not go to class. He is very diligent to go to school, even though his coming is always eagerly awaited by the students. Unlike most other teachers He is very friendly with his students. He is happy to hang out with us. Nevertheless we still respect him as our teacher. If all teachers like He, I am sure all the students really like to go to school.


diskripsikan guru dalam bahasa inggris

bahasa inggrisnya guru yaitu TEACHER

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