Cara Membuat Laporan Magang Dalam Bahasa Inggris?

Cara membuat laporan magang dalam bahasa Inggris?

When should you make an internship report?
Usually, apprenticeship reports have deadlines that are not too far away from the apprenticeship expiration, so you need to draft the report in advance, or when the apprenticeship process is still ongoing.

Try to find out the format of the student internship report then compile the main points contained in the internship report, for example your company profile or place of internship, the composition of administrators at work, and a list of jobs that you must do while at the internship location.

Make sure that the internship report that you made is already consulted with the campus and you have confirmed the format. You can do an internship report if you don’t do anything.

Instead of sleeping or playing mobile, you should use this precious time to do the report, although not all of it.

So, when your apprenticeship is over, the work will not feel very heavy because the hard part you have done in the beginning.

If you have a senior who chooses the same internship location, you can also consult him. However, do not copy the report from time to time because you will be labeled unprofessional.
                                                                                                            Make your report as a reference so you can make an even better internship report.
                                                                                 Things that should be in the student internship report
When making an internship report, you cannot make a report like telling a story to your friends. There is a standard format or format of student internship reports that have been determined by the campus.

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Although there are many elaborations on the application of the format, in general the student internship report has a fixed format that cannot be changed. Some important points that must be present in making a student internship report include:

Cover: the front cover of the internship report must contain your complete identity. You should be careful in making the cover because there are many students who mistyped the name, NIM, or agency name. Also note how to use capital letters and punctuation.
Table of contents: make the table of contents neatly and in accordance with the content you write. Usually many students are lazy to change page numbers when their internship reports get revisions. This will certainly be fatal if your internship report is examined by a supervisor, even when it has been submitted to the place of internship.
Report content: adjust the contents of the internship report to the direction you are taking. Complete the data you get with graphics, pictures or other illustrations.
Report attachments: report attachments will usually be asked during the report preparation process. When you discuss data in the contents section, then you need to attach detailed calculations to the attachments section.
Reference examples of the internship report
For those of you who are still students, making an internship report according to the department is a must. The format of the internship report from department A will certainly be different from the internship report from department B.

There are important points that must be present and explained in detail, although there are also points that are only discussed in general. The following is a sample reference of internship reports from several majors:

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Hospital Management Student Internship Report
The format of the student internship report majoring in hospital management needs to be adjusted to the place of practice. The format of the hospital management student internship report is no different from other reports.

buatkan beberapa kesan selama magang dalam bahasa inggris….

Walaupun belajar bahasa inggris sedikit sulit, tapi itu sangat menyenangkan, terutama saat kita sudah bisa menguasai bahasa inggris secara keseluruhan.
maaf kalo agak nggak nyambung, semoga bermanfaat ^^

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