Buatlah Kalimat Bahasa Inggris Dari Kata

Buatlah kalimat bahasa inggris Dari kata
-Check Understanding​

Jawaban:Dita please come forward to check understandingPenjelasan:sorry i don’t know right or wrong, sorryy… :<

Buatlah percakapan dalam proses check-in dan check-out dalam bahasa Inggris​

Jawaban:Percakapan saat Check-Out Hotel dalam Bahasa InggrisDialogue I. Guest: Good afternoon. ( Selamat siang) Dialogue II. Guest: I’m leaving now. Here is the key to my room. Dialogue III. Guest: Good morning, I’d like to check out now. Here is my key. Dialogue IV. Guest: My stay is over. Here’s the key to my room.Penjelasan:Semoga membantu

Kalimat bahasa inggris to check for understand

1.) Do you guys understand?
2.) Do you get it?

Percakapan check out hotel dalam bahasa inggris

Hotel staff : Good night sir, i assume you want to check out?
Guest : Yes i will
Hotel staff : Okay, do you have the room key with you?
Guest : Yes i have it right here in my pocket
Hotel staff : Okay sir, thank you for visiting our hotel if you do enjoy staying here you are welcomed back anytime

percakapan bahasa inggris tentang “check someone’s understanding”

lina = “bob, do you understan what i mean??”
boby = “yes i do”

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