Buatkan Story Board Dari Legenda Bukit Kelam In West Kalimantan Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris.

Buatkan story board dari legenda bukit kelam in west kalimantan menggunakan bahasa inggris.

Berikut legenda bukit kelam:Nature Tourism Park (TWA) Bukit Kelam is one of the exotic natural attractions in Sintang District, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The hill has a stunning natural panorama, which is in the form of a waterfall view, a natural cave inhabited by thousands of bats, and a steep cliff about 600 meters high overgrown with trees on its legs and peaks. Behind the charm and exoticism of Bukit Kelam, a fairly interesting story is stored. It is said that Bukit Kelam was once a rantau. However, due to an event, then the seacoast transformed into Bukit Kelam. How is the story so that the seacoast transforms into a beautiful and charming hill? You can follow the story in the following story of the Legend of Bukit Kelam:Once upon a time, in the State of Sintang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, there lived two leaders of the descendants of gods who had high powers, but both had different qualities. The first was called Sebeji or known as Bujang Beji. He has a destructive nature, snake and greedy. No one can have knowledge, especially beyond his magic. Therefore, he was less favored by the surrounding community, so there were few followers. While another was named Temenggung Marubai. Its nature is exactly the opposite of the nature of Bujang Beji. He has helpful, noble, and humble qualities. The two leaders have the main livelihood to catch fish, in addition to farming and gardening.Bujang Beji and his followers controlled the river at the Kapuas Intersection, while Temenggung Marubai controlled the river at Simpang Melawi. The fish in the Simpang Melawi river are of a variety of types and are more numerous than the rivers in the Kapuas Intersection. Not surprisingly, every day Temenggung Marubai always gets more catches compared to Bujang Beji.Temenggung Marubai caught fish on the Simpang Melawi river using giant bubu (fish traps) from bamboo stems and covered a portion of the river with rocks, so that the fish could easily be trapped into the powder. He then selected the fish, only large fish were taken, while the young fish were released back into the river until the fish became large to be recaptured. In this way, the fish in the river at Simpang Melawi will never run out and continue to multiply.Untuk info selengkap kunjungiwebsite dibawah inihttp://ksdae.menlhk.go.id/berita/2601/legenda-bukit-kelam.htmlThankYouSubscribe to AryaGamingYT_RBLXSalam

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berita bahasa inggris west java was rocked by 5 sr earthquake

Jawa bagian barat telah terguncang oleh gempa berkekuatan 5 skala ritcher

bahasa Indonesia dari West Java itu apa?

West Java = Jawa Barat
East Java = Jawa Timur
Central Java = Jawa Tengah

apa bahasa indonesianya west​

west= baratsemoga membantu

Apa bahasa inggrisnya west java

itu udh bahasa inggris bosque.. bahasa indonya west java = jawa barat

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