Bahasa Inggrisnya Dewa Uncle​

bahasa inggrisnya dewa uncle​

Jawaban:god unclePenjelasan:maap kalo salah

Dialog bahasa Inggris my uncle ia a zookeeper

Melda : what is your uncle’s job?
Doni : my uncle ia a zookeeper

seperti itu kah?

jika salah mohon maaf ya

ringkasan dari bahasa Inggris my uncle is a zookeeper​

Jawaban:My uncle is a zoo keeper every day my uncle always goes to work and looks after the zoo every day my uncle always comes home late in the evening I noticed my uncle he was tired of keeping the zoo and every day like that my uncle never felt tired and even messed up happiness that he got a job as a zoo keeperPenjelasan:maaf jika jawaban saya salah

apa bahasa indonesianya uncle

bahasa Indonesianya paman

bahasa inggris. go-uncle-tothedentist-go​

Jawaban:uncle go to the dentistPenjelasan:

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