Bahasa Inggris Satu Minggu Lagi

bahasa inggris nya
satu minggu​

Jawaban:one weekPenjelasan:maaf kalo salah

Kegiatan Mahasiswa selama satu minggu dalam bahasa inggris?

college student activity in a week

Ceritakan kegiatan rutin selama satu minggu dengan bahasa inggris

This is about my activity in 1 week.
Its same but maybe each time will be different because i have a course.
Every morning i woke up then i took a bath,after that i wore my clothes then tidy up my bed.I had my breakfast on quarter past six then i went to the school on half past six.I studied until 2.15 then i went home.On monday-thursday i will go to my course but on tuesday-wednesday-friday-saturday i will relax in my house.Then after my class in course i will go home at quarter to six then had my dinner.After dinner on seven o’clock i will start my study.On 21.00 i will go to my bed and sleep.On sunday it’s free,and i will have some holiday by going somewhere with my family.

nama-nama hari dalam satu minggu menggunakan bahasa Inggris


sebutkan nama hari dkm satu Minggu dalam bahasa Inggris​

Jawaban:Minggu = Sunday. …Senin = Monday. …Selasa = Tuesday. …Rabu = Wednesday. …Kamis = Thursday. …Jumat = Friday. …Sabtu = Saturday.

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