Bahasa Inggris Making Caption And Meaning Caption

bahasa inggris making caption and meaning caption

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Macam macam caption dalam bahasa inggris

Maaf, Caption dalam bentuk apa ya??? 🙂 

pengertian caption,macam macam caption,ciri ciri caption dalam bahasa inggris

Definition, Types and Characteristic Features of CaptionJawaban
PembahasanDefinition:Caption is a short text consist of additional information which available in the pictures/photos. Usually it’s located below the picture itself.Caption text used to give further information related to a picture or simply just to decorate it to look better.
There are some types of caption text, here are some of them:1. CutlineThis caption mentions about who are the subjects in the picture or photos and what activity they do.2. Identification barThe caption only mentions about subject in the picture3. SummaryFull explanation about subject, activity, time detail, location detail and why it’s happened.4. ExpandedLonger version of summary caption. This also include how the event occurred.5. QuoteConsist of someone’s word which has been quoted related to the picture or photos.6. Group IdentificationUsed to identify when subjects are more than one.
Characteristic of Caption:Could be found above, below or beside a picture or photo.Giving information about what is the picture or photo about.Majority of caption text are short.
Pelajari lebih lanjut:————————————Detil JawabanKelas : SMA kelas XIIMapel : Bahasa InggrisKategori : Reading textsKata kunci : Captiom, definition, types, characteristicKode: 12.5.1

apa itu caption dalam bahasa inggris

caption adalah sebuah kata” inspirasi
caption is a word of inspiration

dalam bahasa inggris” apakah captionnya?”​

Jawaban:What is the captionPenjelasan:

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