Bahasa Inggris Hari Minggu Libur

minggu kemarin adalah hari libur bahasa inggrisnya​

Jawaban:Last Sunday was a holiday

bolehkah saya mendapatkan libur hari minggu dalam bahasa inggris​

May I’m get a holy day in Sunday

ceritakan liburan mu pada hari minggu dalam bahasa inggris

in sunday, I will go with my sister to my grand mother’s house. my grand mother’s house very beautifull with garden in front of house. I and my sister would help to watered the flowers and feed the chicken

Bahasa inggrisnya “Aku akan berlibur ke pantai di hari Minggu” Tolong dibantu 🙂

Jawaban:I’m going on a vacation to the beach on Sunday.

Cerita tentang liburan pada hari minggu menggunakan bahasa inggris 2 paragraf

Jawaban: Sunday is a day that I really like, because Sunday is a holiday where I can gather with my relatives and parents. Actually, on normal days we still meet, but because we all have our own activities, so we can’t take the time to be able to chat or travel together. This Sunday my family and I don’t go anywhere, just sit together chatting and drinking tea and cakes. For me it is enough, we can tell what happened the day before, we joked with laughter. After that we started the film and watched together, even though we watched at home but it was a very harmonious thing that was good for the family.semoga dapat membantu, dan juga jadikan jawaban yang terbaik ya!!!

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