Bahasa Inggris Dari Kata Skripsi

contoh diskripsi tentang B.J.HABIBIE dalam bentuk diskripsi bahasa inggris

genius , polite , friendly , and fun

bagai mana cara membuat kata kata diskripsi dalam bahasa inggris mengenai tentang Rafi Amat ?

sebutkan nama lengkapnya dulu, lalu usia termasuk tanggal lahir, profesi, nama ayah ibu adik kakak.
di paragraf kedua sebutkan ciri ciri fisiknya, termasuk rambutnya , matanya ,hidungnya, tinggi, berat, dll

kata hubung dalam menulis skripsi bahasa inggris

and, but
semoga membantu

contoh diskripsi tentang B.J.HABIBIE dalam bentuk diskripsi bahasa inggris

B.J. Habibie is a smart person in Indonesia . He is a former president and vice president in Indonesia . He He is very loving his wife . He is very friendly to everyone . he have hobby flying a toy plane (aeromodelling) various types. His favorite food is the cuisine of West Sumatra. he is very humble .

kata kata yang dipakai untuk menulis skripsi dalam bahasa inggris

Main Entry: script
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: story for a performance
Synonyms: article, book, copy, dialogue, libretto, lines, manuscript, playbook, scenario, text, typescript, words

Main Entry: compose
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: create writing, artwork, or music
Synonyms: author, bang out, cast, clef, coin a phrase, comp, conceive, contrive, cook up, design, devise, discover, draw up, dream up, fabricate, forge, form, formulate, frame*, fudge together, ghost*, ghostwrite, imagine, indite, invent, knock off, knock out, make up, note down, orchestrate, originate, pen, poetize, produce, push pencil, put down, put pen to paper, score, scribble, script, set type, set up, time, turn out, whip up, write

Main Entry: dialogue/dialog
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: talk, exchange of ideas
Synonyms: chat, colloquy, communication, confab, confabulation, conference, conversation, converse, discourse, discussion, duologue, interlocution, lines, parlance, parley, powwow, remarks, repartee, script, sides, small talk

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Main Entry: document
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: written communication
Synonyms: archive, certificate, credentials, deed, diary, evidence, form, instrument, language, pages, paper, record, report, script, testimony, token

Main Entry: hand
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: handwriting
Synonyms: calligraphy, chirography, longhand, script

Main Entry: handwriting
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: the way a person writes
Synonyms: autography, calligraphy, chicken scratch, chirography, ductus, griffonage, hand, hieroglyphics, longhand, manuscript, manuscription, mark, pencraft, penscript, scratching, scrawl, scribble, script, scription, scrivenery, scrivening, style, writing

Main Entry: notation
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: written remarks
Synonyms: characters, chit, code, documentation, figures, jotting, memo, memorandum, note, noting, record, representation, script, signs, symbols, system

Main Entry: paper
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: thesis, article
Synonyms: analysis, assignment, composition, critique, dissertation, essay, examination, monograph, report, script, study, theme, treatise

Main Entry: record
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: account of event or proceedings
Synonyms: almanac, annals, archive, archives, chronicle, comic book, diary, directory, document, documentation, entry, evidence, file, history, inscription, jacket, journal, legend, log, manuscript, memo, memoir, memorandum, memorial, minutes, monument, note, paper trail, register, registry, remembrance, report, script, scroll, story, swindle sheet, testimony, trace, track record, transcript, transcription, witness, writing, written material

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