At Home Ask Your Parents Or Grandparents To Share Any Folklore In Bahasa Indonesia With You. Rewrite This Floklore In Englis And Share It With Your Teacher And Classmets In Room

at home ask your parents or grandparents to share any folklore in Bahasa Indonesia with you. Rewrite this floklore in Englis and share it with your teacher and classmets in room

please tolongin gua ga ngerti bahasa inggris ūüôĀ

once upon a time, there was several animal that surrounded rabbit and turtle. Turtle and rabbit wanted to prove who is fastest. And the race began.Turtle walked slowly and rabbit ran so fast. Rabbit thought that turtle can’t catch up the rabbit. So the rabbit took a nap. And finally turtle crossed the finish line.

apa bahasa Inggrisnya” match English sentence with the meaning in Indonesia”
tolong ya,nanti aku kasih jawaban yang terbaik
thank you

Jawaban:match english sentence with the meaning in Indonesia cocokkan kalimat bahasa inggris dengan arti di indonesia

Artikan bahasa Inggris ke Indonesia dibawah ini!

1.all students are studying:………..
2.hi, do you want to come with me to the swimming pool tomorrow?:……….
3.what are you doing, sis?:……….

ayo bantuin‚Äč

Penjelasan:1.all students are studying:………..translate: semua siswa sedang belajar 2.hi, do you want to come with me to the swimming pool tomorrow?:……….translate: hai apakah kamu ingin ikut denganku ke kolam renang besok? 3.what are you doing, sis?:……….translate: apa yang sedang kau lakukan kak?moga bermanfaat

Write one the text about your lovely house
and what do you make to keep healthy so that
resolve infect with covid-19. dikasih dlm bahasa Indonesia‚Äč

Jawaban:I live in a small but beautiful house. I always clean my house every morning and evening. I always take care of myself and my house so that there is no corona virus-maaf kalau salah, bisanya cm segitu hehe. smg bermanfaat kuy-

kerjakan..terjemahkan bahasa Inggris menjadi bahasa indonesia berikut!! are you…
2.i have two Hans.. with the line… showes are brown… book is black…

di jawab ya….


Jawaban:1. bagaimana kabarmu2. aku punya dua tangan3. jam tangan dengan garis 4. pertunjukkanku berwarna coklat5. bukuku hitam

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