Artinya Frightened Apa?

artinya frightened apa?


tolong buatkan kalimat(2) dalam bentuk bahasa inggris menggunakan kata frightened

Shaggy was frightened by an horror movie.
Jack frightened at ghost.

frightened sinonim nya

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Buatlah kalimat dalam bahasa inggris yang terdapat kata cozy, surprised ,enchanted ,cozy , nasty , willingly ,frightened di dalamnya.

1. The room was warm and cozy.
2. I think he will be suprised by our gifts.
3. The medicine left a nasty taste in my mouth.
4. He was a willing participant in the crime.
5. The story really frightened me.

Translatekan Ke Indonesia When he Saw The Snack,The Mousedeer Was Frightened

translate: “ketika dia melihat ular itu, sang kancil kaget”

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