Apa Bahasa Inggrisnya User Name

apa bahasa inggrisnya user name

nama pengguna : username

Selamat Malam Para User Brainly! Aku ingin mengajukan pertanyaan, Tolong deskripsikan lampu camping dengan kalimat bahasa inggris. Terimakasih, dijawab ya.


camping lights are lighting lamps in the form of lanterns that can be carried and can also be used as a power bank. Easy charging without the need to spend money to buy batteries. Enough to dry in the sun, the battery will fill itself. For use, just pull on the head then it will automatically turn on. Camping Mini 6 LED lights can be used for emergency lighting at home if the electricity goes out, as a reading, camping, hiking, adventure lamp, and can be used to charge a cellphone. This emergency lamp can be powered by electricity, solar power by drying in the sun, and can use AA 3x battery batter on the bottom cover.

semoga bermanfaat^^
jadikan brainliest^^

tolong jawab yg bener user Inggris plissssss​

tolong jawab yg bener user Inggris plissssss​ 1. Danced
2. Baked
3. Played
4. Talked
5. Visited
6. Stayed
7. Travelled
8. Carried
9. Planned
10. Cried

Terjemahkan dalam bahasa indonesia?

Please,keep the lavatory clean the next user!

Tolong jaga kebersihan toilet untuk pengguna selanjutnya! *cmiiw

Percakapan bahasa inggris utk driver kepada user

driver : good morning miss
m : good morning
drv : please put the seat belt , where do you want to go ?
m : malaka square please
drv : ok , sure .
kalo salah maaf


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