Apa Bahasa Inggrisnya Lelah

Apa Bahasa Inggrisnya Lelah

tired, paling umu digunakan

apa bahasa inggrisnya aku sangat lelah

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Pelajaran: English
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To say ‘ aku sangat lelah’, normally people would use ‘I’m really/ very tired’. But if the level of tiresome is higher till you barely can do anything but rest, you can say, ‘I’m exhausted’. The word ‘exhausted’ is the extreme adjective of ‘tired’. In British English, people also use ‘I’m knackered’, which means the same.

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apa bahasa inggrisnya “aku lelah”

Jawaban:bahasa inggrisnya aku lelah adalah I am tiredl am = sayatired = capek

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