Apa Bahasa Inggrisnya Hati Hati Dijalan Ya Sayang

apa bahasa inggrisnya hati hati dijalan ya sayang

The proper English translation for the phrase ‘hati-hati di jalan ya sayang’ can be various, depending on the context and who it is uttered to. In general, the good one would be ‘be careful on the way, sweetie.’Pembahasan:In translating such phrase, despite quite general in meaning, can be quite different when it comes to who you say that phrase to. It gets even tricky when there is a term of endearment in it. The word ‘sayang’ is not just said between lovers, but can be from mother to their child, between best friends (especially female) or adult married couple.  Here are the difference for each of them:Between lovers (can be new younger one or married couple)’be careful/ safe on your way, baby / honey / babe / dear / love.’ Between mother and child ‘be careful/ safe on the road/ on the way, sweetie.’Between best friends’be careful/ safe on the way/ road, love.’Pelajari lebih lanjut: translation examplebrainly.co.id/tugas/5875696Detail Jawaban:Kelas: SMAMapel: EnglishKategori: leave-takingsKode:10.5.2Kata kunci: hati-hati, be careful

apa bahasa inggris “hati-hati dijalan”

Bahasa Inggris “Hati-Hati di jalan adalah “be careful” atau “take care”.Pembahasan

Kedua kalimat di atas bisa ditambahkan “on the way …(tempat, misalnya rumah)”.Be careful artinya hati-hati. Namun, juga bisa digunakan untuk memperingati seseorang agar berhati-hati terhadap sesuatu. Contoh : Be careful, the floor is wet.Be careful, there are many pickpockets in RA Market.Take care artinya juga hati-hati, namun bisa juga digunakan untuk meminta tolong untuk menjaga sesuatu. Contoh : Please take care of my pet.Please take care of the baby, I’d like to work.
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Mapel :  Bahasa InggrisKelas :  10Materi :  Reading ComprehensionKata kunci :  Be careful, take careKode soal :  5Kode kategorisasi :  10.5.13

terjemahkan dalam bahasa inggris “Hati hati di perjalanan sayang”

Be careful on your way, dear.

bahasa Inggrisnya hati-hati Jalan licin

Be careful! 
Slippery road

Bahasa inggrisnya hati hati di jalan sayang

Jawaban:Be careful on the way, dearPenjelasan:Hati-hati = CautionDi = inJalan = StreetSayang = Dear

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