Apa Bahasa Inggris Waktu Libur Sekolah Semester Genap

Apa bahasa inggris waktu libur sekolah semester genap

Jawaban:even semester school time offmaaf kalau salahPenjelasan:

bahasa Inggris kls 8 semester genap​

bahasa Inggris kls 8 semester genap​ Jawaban:1. + he teach maths at a primary school – he doesn’t teach maths at a primary school ? does he teach maths at a primary school? 2. + she wash my bicycle on sunday – she doesn’t wash my bicycle on sunday ? does she wash my bicycle on sunday? 3. +i walk to school every day – i don’t walk to school every day ? do i walk to school every day? #jadikan jawaban tercerdassemoga membantu^_^

Soal bahasa inggris semester genap kelas 11

Text 1 (for question number 1-7)

    Once there was a husband and his wife who had a baby. They had a dog named Bony. It was a very smart dog and faithful to them. The dog used to take care of the baby while were working in the rice field.
    One afternoon, while working in the field, they heard Bony barking. It was running toward them. It’s mouth smeared with blood. The husband shocked and thought that it had killed their baby. Suddenly he took his sickle and threw it to the dog. It hit the dog’s had and the dog head and the dog fell down and died.
    Hurriedly they got home and saw the baby sleeping. When the husband looked around in the baby’s room, he found a big snake lying on the floor. It was dead and blood spilled everywhere. It seemed the dog had killed the snake and the killed his faithful dog.
1.    Who was Bony? Bonny was……….
        a.    the husband’s name
        b.    the wife’s name
        c.    the bay’s name
        d.    the dog’s name
        e.    the snake’s name
2.    Why was the dog running toward the couple?
         a.    because it afraid of snake
        b.    because it was hurt
        c.    because the dog wanted some foods.
        d.    because the dog wanted to tell that something dangerous almost happened in                 their home.
e.    because a snake wanted to catch it.

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 3.    ……finally killed by the husband.

        a.    the baby    d.    the dog
        b.    the snake    e.    the couple
        c.    the wife

4.    The snake was killed by…………………
        a.    the dog    d.    the child
        b.    the husband    e.    the baby
        c.    the wife
5.    Was the baby hurt by the dog?
        a.    yes, it is    d.    no was not
        b.    yes, it was    e.    no, it doesn’t
        c.    no, it did

soal bahasa inggris kelas 11 semester genap kurtilas​

kemana soal nya maaf gak tau soal nya

contoh rpp bahasa inggris kelas 7 semester genap

Nanti di kelas 7 ada belajar kayak verb2 gitu kayak verb 1 misalnya eat trs verb 2 ate trs verb 3 apa lah itu kakak lupa 🙂 semoga berhasil kelas 7..sukses yaa..maaf kalau ada kesalahan

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