Apa Bahasa Inggris Nya Landak​

apa bahasa Inggris nya landak​

Jawaban:hedgehogPenjelasan:bahasa Inggrisnya landak adalah hedgehog

apa bahasa inggrisnya landak?

bahasa inggris landak = porcupine

Discribsi landak dalam bahasa inggris

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mendeskripsikan landak dengan bahasa Inggris dan bahasa Indonesianya


Landak adalah hewan pengerat (Rodentia) yang memiliki rambut yang tebal dan berbentuk duri tajam. Hewan ini ditemukan di Asia, Afrika, maupun Amerika, dan cenderung menyebar di kawasan tropika. Landak merupakan hewan pengerat terbesar ketiga dari segi ukuran tubuh, setelah kapibara dan berang-berang.


Porcupine is a rodent (Rodentia) who has thick hair and sharp thorns. These animals are found in Asia, Africa, and America, and tend to spread in the tropics. Porcupine is the third largest rodent in terms of body size, after the capybara and otters.

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Deskripsi tentang landak dalam bahasa Inggris

Porcupine is a wild animal. They tend to live and find their food or preys in the liar. Porcupine has a thorn that can make their predator, snake think twice to eat them. Their sharp thorn could hurt us or other animal if we touched it, so we did better avoid it. Porcupine look so cute, but it is dangerous enough, it has four feet and two big and round eyes. Porcupine live in a hole in the jungle and make the hole as their home. Porcupine can roll their body into their predator in order to avoid them for attack them, so it’s thorn can be called as their “Shield” because it can help them protect it self.

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